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Achieve harmony in every aspect of your life with Saxy’s expert courses.

As a busy professional, Saxy knows your daily life can become overwhelming because of your long to-do lists, demanding job, and the outside (and inside!) pressure we all experience.

It can be easy to put your true passions on the back burner and begin losing sight of what truly matters, your personal view of success. Saxy B gets it! She's been there and has beaten that feeling of being overwhelmed with her unique outlook and approach to life.

Are you ready to eliminate self-doubt and step into a life where you feel like the fabulous queen you truly are?

Join one of Saxy's incredible courses to receive the education, tools, and resources to live a life of freedom and sustainable success.

In the Kitchen: Cooking

Learn delicious new ways to treat 
yourself and your loved ones.

A beautiful kitchen

Develop love, relationships and yes good sex.  With Saxy B's  L.S.R. recipes, you can make each meal a deliciously exquisite experience.  Tips and advices from experts Chefs to help you explore foods that simulate conversations, love, sex, and relationship.  

Single cooking class: $37 USD

  • One-hour Zoom Video Call with Saxy B
  • One Cooking Lesson
  • Free Recipe
  • Learn: Prep - Cooking - Plating - Storing

3-Day Cooking Class: $129 USD

  • One-hour "Kick-Off Zoom Video Call" with Saxy B
  • PDF with the Ingredients List
  • Three One-hour Coaching Videos
  • Access to Saxy's Private Facebook Cooking Group

Extra ebooks, PDFs, and audio content are also for sale!

Let’s Cook Suga Babies!

In the Bedroom: Self-Care & Sexual Health

Reconnect with the confident, powerful, and your sexiness  

With Saxy B, you can find the freedom to express your true self, develop a loving relationship with your femininity, and live a sensually and sexually fulfilled life! 

Guys, you can benefit from this too! Discover how to connect with your partner in the bedroom.

All classes include:

  • One-hour Zoom Video Call with Saxy B
  • One Lesson Monthly
  • Sexual Health Books are also available
  • Expert/Celebrity Guest 


  • Sex-ED101:  $97 The Basic information. Anatomy, How to Communicate About Sex, Sexual Vocabulary
  • Sex-ED102: $197 Selfcare - Sexual Health - Sexual Vocab & History - Therapy - Resources - Informative Content
  • Sex-ED103: $997 Hybrid -Quarterly  Learn How To Please - Exploring Sexuality & Communities


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In the Office: Marketing & Media Services

Explore Simple practical strategies and insider secrets to help you broadcast your true brilliance.

a woman laughing while work in her laptop

Why choose between smart or sexy, when you can be both! Saxy B helps individual men and women, like you, develop the boss mentality needed to take your business to the next level.

Business, Marketing, and Financial Classes: $97 USD

  • One-hour Zoom Video Call with Saxy B & Expert
  • One Lesson
  • Informational PDFs and Ebooks  

Topics: the do's & don'ts

  • Email/TXT Marketing
  • PR - Brand & Product Development
  • Radio/TV Production
  • Content Development, Digital and Offline 
  • Advertising & Promotions 
  • Music - Entertainment and Industry Related Info
  • Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing  
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